You’re Not Alone. Anxiety Is Very Common


Do you feel anxious from time to time (or a lot of the time?)  You’re not alone. Study after study shows that anxiety affects many of us, and anxiety disorders are the most common mental issue among adults (about 40 million Americans over the age of 18.) In fact, anxiety is the top selected emotion in the Stop, Breathe & Think app. So if you’re a little anxious right now, #WeFeelYou and we have your back.

We recently completed the largest study of app delivered mindfulness practices, and the data will put your mind at ease. Researchers found that consistently using Stop, Breathe & Think over time yields significant mental health results, including decreased anxiety and increased positive emotion. The results were dramatic, even showing a positive impact after just the first session.

With over 11 million emotional check-ins to date, we analyzed anonymous data from over 10,000 SB&T users who did 10 or more sessions over a 13-month period. We found that more than half of SB&T users say they feel anxious when checking in before an activity. After just 10 sessions averaging 5 minutes, it drops down to 41% of users reporting feeling anxious. After 100 sessions averaging 5 mins, it drops even further to only 28% of users reporting feeling anxious. That’s a 46% improvement in anxiety.

We also found that before meditating for the first time, only 30% of SB&T users report feeling predominantly positive. Immediately after their first meditation, that percentage jumps to 78%. Even more exciting is the fact that baseline feels continue to improve with continued use over time.

So the next time you you’re feeling anxious, know that you’re not alone, and #WeGotYou. Just stop what you’re doing, check in with how you’re feeling, and press play for a few minutes of calming mindfulness with Stop, Breathe & Think.