WBNA L.A. Sparks + Stop, Breathe & Think lead the charge for Mental Health Awareness


At the end of June 2019, Stop, Breathe & Think was invited to sponsor the Mental Health Awareness Day with the Los Angeles Sparks team at the Staples Center.

We were excited to collaborate with the WBNA L.A. Sparks to bring greater awareness about mental health to a much broader audience! Our goal was to open up the conversation around mental health, and to remind everyone that we all have emotional ups and downs.

We started the morning by leading a mindfulness practice on the Staples Center court with Loren (one of the voices you might recognize on our app!). We spent time unpacking the core skills of mindfulness with a diverse group of participants, and loved how open everyone was to sharing what thoughts and emotions they were having right then. Afterward, several participants found Loren to tell him how much better they felt in body and mind, thanks to the guided meditation and authentic conversation.



From there, we hosted a Stop, Breathe & Think booth by one of the entrances to the Staples Center, where we invited Sparks fans to stop by and check-in with how they were feeling on our iPads, similar to how you would do on the homescreen of our app.

During the 3rd quarter, we then tallied up the emotions that had the most clicks and presented it on the Jumbotron!


We even had a photo booth, where you could share how you were feeling in that moment using emojis, underscoring that we all have a variety of emotions moment-to-moment.


Our co-founder, Jamie Price, also participated in a panel in the Lexus VIP room, where we talked about why it’s essential to bring mental health awareness into the broader public even more, so that we can all thrive in every aspect of our lives.

All of us at Stop, Breathe & Think are honored to have participated with the WNBA’s Mental Health Awareness “Spark the True You” Day and we’re looking forward to seeing you at one of their future events!