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Apps to Mind Your Mental Health
– US NEWS & World Report


“Stop, Breathe & Think is Ideal For: Those who need help managing the stress of school or finals, coping with a breakup or a loss, dealing with anxiety or depression…”

8 Meditation Apps To Try Now
– Teen Vogue


What Happened After I Tried 5 Different Sleep Apps to End the Insomnia I Had All My Life
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Top 50 Mobile Apps 2016
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Livestrong’s 2017 Wellness Predictions
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7 Meditation Apps That Will Help You Reach Zen
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10 Mindfulness Practices from Powerful Women


60 Best Educational Apps
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15 Best Alexa Skills for Health & Fitness
– Tom’s Guide


“While being constantly plugged in is part of the problem, there are apps that can help combat our over-connectivity. Stop, Breathe & Think charts your mental, physical and emotional state and offers guided meditations to suit your current status.”

4 Ways To Get Healthy This Nutrition Month
– The Huffington Post

Watch: Gigi Hadid Explains How Mindfulness Gets Her Through Fashion Week
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15 Apps To Help You Organize Your Life
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14 Inspirational Products That Will Definitely Make You Smile
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Tips For A More Mindful Pregnancy (For Non-Pregnant People, Too)
– Health Central


Stop, Breathe and Think for Reduced Anxiety
– Health Central


“You know when you’re having a meltdown at work or about to cuss someone out on the subway… Stop, Breathe & Think is for that version of you that’s about to explode.”

– Sakara Life


“People who practice mindful meditation before bed suffer less from insomnia, fatigue and depression.”

10 Things All Healthy People Do Before Bed
– Zoe Report


“Stop, Breathe & Think is ideal for people who need some more structure and motivation to jumpstart their meditation habit.”

Free Mindfulness Apps Worthy of Your Attention


“This app is fantastic. My daughter and I use it nightly to help her fall asleep, and it’s been so helpful!”


“…very well thought out and designed, is easy to use for children and adults alike, and helps build a daily meditation practice.”


“The meditations… always work to make more calm space in my crowded, often-worried brain. This is a life-changer for me.”


“A very intuitive and well thought-out app. It’s a great and easy way for a novice to learn meditation.”


“This app is awesome! I’ve been using this after work, and now I’m more focused and alert.”


“I would gladly pay double the amount for those [In App Purchases], for the benefits I am getting from this app. Thank you guys.”


“This is an incredible app for mindfulness.”


“It’s easy to follow and has great guided meditations depending on how you feel.”


“The progress tracking is cool and love all the neat animations and illustrations.”


“I love this app! It has a good variety of meditations to choose from, and it is easy to use.”


“Great app. I’m a therapist and I use it as part of my self care. I’ve also been able to use it with clients, who have all had a very positive response to it. Love it – thanks!”


“I’ve tried other meditation techniques and it was difficult to stick with it or stay concentrated. This app has changed everything. I look forward to doing it and I don’t want the session to end. I immediately noticed a difference in the way I think and feel. It’s helped me mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s so simple and helpful I recommend it to anyone.”


“I am an adolescent medicine specialist who treats youth and young adults burdened by anxiety. Stop, Breathe & Think is a great way For my patients to focus on mindfulness to reduce anxiety in day-to-day situations.”


“I have been recovering from complex PTSD and negotiating a return to my PhD after an extended leave of absence. Throughout my term back I’ve been using the app to tremendous effect…Thank you so much for this great app!”

“A meditation app that’s more that just a bell and 5 recorded tracks. If you don’t know how or why to meditate this would be a great quick intro. If you already meditate regularly there are some unique options in here. Most interesting to me though – if you have children and want to introduce them to mindfulness meditation you can’t really go wrong with this accessible app. The very short meditations and game features like stickers and goal tracking are great.”


“A great tool I use to check-in, relax and center before falling asleep every night.”


“I am a [college] student and also have anxiety issues and the short meditations are perfect for my lifestyle. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or stressed or anxious I’ll take 10 minutes to do a meditation and calm myself. They work perfectly!”


“Easy, relaxing, even fun. I use this app often. Really helps to quell my anxiety.”


“I am, literally, the most anxious person I know. I take a great many panic attacks, and there is very little that can calm me down or help me to relax. I never thought I would be capable of meditation, but this app has somehow made it possible. I actually feel calmer and have an improved attitude after meditation with this app. Highly recommended for anyone who needs to chill out!”


“My clients suffering from anxiety and especially panic attacks say this app has been a huge help. Thank you!”


“This app is wonderful. As a student in high school it has really helped me get through the stress throughout the day. Also, it’s a great tool for learning to meditate.”


“Was with a teen with many worries today…I remembered the app. Offered her my phone and she found 6 minutes of calm. This will change lives.”


“Do it anywhere! – This app rocks. Short, guided meditations with a great user friendly interface and calming voices. I love the positive messages and and fact that you can do so much customization! One app I will actually use daily!”


“Excellent App…There are many meditations and they are all 10 minutes or less, so you truly can fit one into your day. I really like how there are meditations for many situations, and that the app “checks” your current state of mind and body to suggest meditations befitting of that state. Well done.”