Mindfulness practices around the world in 2019.


Anxiety and depression are rising around the world—in fact, anxiety disorder is the #1 global mental health challenge with an estimated 284 million people worldwide experiencing it.

What are people around the world are doing to take care of their mental fitness?

  • In the U.K., 370 schools in the U.K. are now introducing mindfulness practices, including teaching relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and more to help young people regulate their emotions.
  • In Taiwan, people use tea ceremonies as a way to create stillness and space for introspection and healthy conversation,
  • In Norway, Danish people practice “Friluftsliv,” or the act of spending time outdoors and soaking up nature to get you out of your thoughts and bring you to the present moment,
  • In Japan, Shirin-Yoku or “forest bathing” is a relatively new custom designed to combat the persistence of technology in our lives.
  • In Turkey, people practice “keyif,” which is the art of living in the moment, such as throwing pieces of bread to the birds, listening to people playing music, or eating a simple meal with your friends.
  • And, in Germany, they practice “gemultlichkeit” or “friendliness,” which is all about celebrating your appreciation of others, getting together with people you love and honoring their presence in your life.

For more activities to help you alleviate anxiety, check out these short guided activities within the Stop, Breathe & Think app: