Mindfulness Challenge: April 2018



Stress happens, and comes in all shapes and sizes, especially from the pressures of daily life. While you can’t avoid stress altogether, you can take steps to tame it by changing how you choose to respond. We’re here to help!

With the launch of a new Android app, a Hulu Kids channel, a new Kids Alexa Skill and everything that’s happening in the world, the SBT team can use a little R&R.  So we decided to create the “Give Yourself a Spring Break Challenge” and invite everyone to the party.

Join our week-long Mindfulness Challenge “Give Yourself a Spring Break” and focus on ways to destress on a daily basis. The challenge starts on Monday April 9, 2018 and will include 7 days of short mindfulness activities including meditations, breathing exercises, and yoga.

What You’ll Receive as Part of the Challenge

  • Access to our App
  • Daily information and an activity to try
  • Opportunity to win prizes
  • A calmer, more relaxed you!

Prizes: One participant will be selected to receive $1,000 toward a retreat of their choice via Yogascapes—go at anytime and take a trip anywhere. This lucky winner will be able to give themselves quite the spring break :). Plus 5 finalists will win a set of mindful morse code beaded bracelets and 10 semi-finalists will receive chill essential oil. 

Are you ready? Sign Up for the Challenge Here