June Playlist: Summer Break



Wherever you go, there you are! Whether you are traveling or staying home, the Summer Break Playlist will help make it a chill place to be. Get into a summer frame of mind with these essential activities to help you get present, unwind and relax. (And if you’ve got a little one, check out our playlist for kids.)

Visualize a Beach

Imagine your own mental vacation to a beautiful beach.

Chill Pill Two

Breathe, squeeze and let go.

Engaging Your Senses

Ground yourself in the present by bringing your attention to each of the senses.

Mindful Walk

Step into the present.

Grounding One

Imagine your body is rooted to the earth to feel more steady, stable and grounded.

Acupressure for Self Compassion 

Feel the sensation of compassion with these three points as you recognize that right here, right now, you are fine just as you are.

Self Compassion

Find ease and relief by giving yourself a little compassion and understanding.

Relax, Ground & Clear

Use your imagination to relax, feel more stable and grounded, and clear your mind.

Breathing in Waves 

Ride the ebb and flow of your breath to sleep as you imagine your body rising and falling like ocean waves.