How to practice self-care for teachers


Just a few minutes a day can make a world of difference

With so much to do⁠—students to teach, parents to inform, standards to meet⁠—making time to look after yourself is often the first thing to go and the last thing on your to-do list. Yet, taking care of yourself is critical to being able to address the needs of others, whether that’s students, parents, or colleagues.

Our apps, Stop, Breathe & Think (iOS & Android) and SB&T Kids, are designed with the idea of peace over perfection. We’re here to help kids, teens, and adults develop the emotional strength and confidence to handle whatever comes their way.

We want to be sure YOU as the educator feel incredibly supported, which is why we’re offering you several quick tips on how to find rest, regenerate and strengthen resilience.

Take a few moments to practice any of these self-care activities today. Notice how much can shift in a short amount of time.f

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