How Do you Stop, Breathe & Think?


Finding Mindful Moments

The pressure to be perfect is intense and pervades so much of our culture from fashion, to social media, work and even school. Just ask any teen planning for college applications.

You’re expected to maintain a GPA above 4.0, land an internship, be the president of a club, travel the world to rebuild houses in natural disaster zones, while training for a marathon and taking award-winning photographs of you and your friends for the gram. But it’s just not realistic.

The truth is that life isn’t perfect. We’re not superhuman—we have ups and downs. We make mistakes. That’s why we believe that mental and emotional well-being is about finding peace among all of our imperfections.

Trying to live up to such a high standard can leave you feeling like peace and wellbeing are out of reach. But taking a mindful approach, even if it’s just for a few moments to stop, breathe, and think throughout your day, can have a powerful impact. These three steps are so effective that we’ve named our company after them.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month we’ve asked the Stop, Breathe & Think team to share the ways they seed mindful moments throughout their day to support their well-being. We’ve shared a few responses below, and will be posting more on Facebook and Instagram throughout the week.

But most of all we’d love to hear how YOU stop, breathe and think. This month, share your story with the the hashtag #stopbreathethink on Facebook or Instagram.

“I’ve found that when I jump into the news or Instagram first thing in the morning that my mind becomes full and cloudy before I even start my day. On those days, it’s harder to focus, and I’m much less productive when I start working. So, I Stop, Breathe & Think when I wake up. I take about 10 minutes to slowly start moving my body, stretch, and do a little deep breathing with the Breathing Timer in the app.” #stopbreathethink


“A few days ago, I came home pretty tapped out after a particularly hard day of work. I was solo that night with both of my boys who started being a bit challenging each in their own way. My patience was thinning. I took one of the boys to pick up some food, came home and realized I lost my wallet. I retraced my itinerary. No wallet. It was late, and I felt like I should just have stayed in bed that day. I started to feel really sorry for myself, teary and angry, and could sense that I was going to start snapping at the boys if I didn’t do something. So, I sat at the dinner table with them and went through the “Still I Feel Lucky” activity. Of course, I started with how upset I was to have lost my wallet, but obviously I found a million things I can feel incredibly lucky for. They went through the same exercise. I managed to smile, and my anger was gone. Still a bit drained but meltdown aborted. Phew”. #stopbreathethink


“As an ultimate mover, sitting at a desk in front of a computer feels as if I am entering an entirely new dimension. Throughout most of my life, I have found a way to incorporate an active lifestyle into a majority of hours in my day, which has helped keep me grounded and at ease Tapping into what I have learned from Stop, Breathe & Think over the last handful of months, I have been able to find that same sense of ease and centeredness at work via listening to my body when I crave a break, taking a quiet step back to evaluate situations, and taking a mindful walk every day. Sometimes I listen to the Mindful Walk activity on the app, and other times, I use my lunch as an opportunity to pay mindful awareness to my environment. This sense of connection to my own mind and body has enabled me to be fully present and immersed in the work I am fortunate to do every day.” #stopbreathethink