How do you practice SEL in your elementary classroom? Try checking in!


What to do when your students are in different mental, emotional and physical states.

When students and teachers enter the classroom, backpacks and textbooks aren’t the only baggage they bring with them. Everyone enters the room in a different mental, emotional and physical state, which often affects their readiness to learn.

Try these check-in activities at the beginning of class or as a way to transition from one activity to another. We’ll use what we call your ‘inner detective’ to notice how your mind, body and emotions feel in this moment.

Our apps, Stop, Breathe & Think (iOS & Android) and SB&T Kids,  are designed with the idea of peace over perfection. We’re here to help kids, teens, and adults develop the emotional strength and confidence to handle whatever comes their way.

Download this printable PDF to help your students check in with how they’re feeling.


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