How do you practice gratitude in your elementary classroom?


Gratitude helps us see our own strengths and the support we have around us

It’s natural to have all kinds of emotions, like feeling grumpy or blue, or worried or nervous. Sometimes you know why you have these feelings and sometimes you don’t. Either way, there’s always something you can do, like remembering a few good things that you’re happy about.

Our apps, Stop, Breathe & Think (iOS & Android) and SB&T Kids, are designed with the idea of peace over perfection. We’re here to help kids, teens, and adults develop the emotional strength and confidence to handle whatever comes their way.

It’s okay to be upset. It’s okay to be grumpy or worried and nervous about all the hard things, while also feeling grateful for the good things.

Here’s a way to create a Shout-Out of Appreciation Circle to remind yourself of good things when you’re feeling big emotions.

Download this printable PDF to help your students practice gratitude anytime during the day.

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