How a little bubbly bathtub can bring you joy


At Stop, Breathe & Think we are all about inspiring more JOY in our daily lives! Here’s an activity to help to make a small moment of joy in your life shine a little brighter. We’ll be soaking up some good vibes by turning bath time 🛁 into an oasis of calm. (Psst… if you don’t have a bathtub, these prompts work great in the shower as well!)

Try one of these tracks during your next bath or shower:

Listen to Body Scan>>
Listen to Thunderstorm>>

Or try this 5-minute meditative experience we created especially for bath time:

  1. Find your favorite essential oil. (We love lavender here at SB&T.) Dilute it according to the oil’s instructions, and add it to your bathtub water.
  2. As you settle in, feel the warmth of the water on your skin.
  3. Take a few deep breaths, and enjoy the scent.
  4. Continue to breathe slowly and deeply… with each breath, imagine a sense of peaceful calm washing through your body.
  5. Starting with the top of your head and slowly moving down, relax your eyebrows and jaw, mouth and cheeks, shoulders, belly, arms and legs.
  6. Imagine your entire body filling with peace and calm.
  7. Now, relax into the feelings of warmth and calmness as you allow yourself to simply enjoy the moment.

From bubbles to being, here’s to a month ahead of the biggest and smallest moments of pure delight.