Home for Summer Activity Playlist for Kids


Bring a positive routine to an unstructured summer, and help your kids get a good night’s sleep in the process. Create a mindful groove with the Home for Summer playlist for morning, noon and night on our Kids app.


  • Thank the Farmer: Start the day with gratitude at breakfast.
  • Imaginary Hugs and Peaceful Place: Set a positive and peaceful tone for the day.
  • Square Breathing: Create a calm and focused foundation for whatever the day has in store.

Mid Day:

  • Frog Jumps & Fading Tone: Channel playful energy.
  • Shake it Up: Get the wiggles out.
  • Kindness with Every Step: Inspire happiness and connection.


  • Rock-a-Bye for Sleep: Snuggle, breathe and drift into dreamland.
  • Butterfly Body Scan for Sleep: Relax with the help of a magical butterfly.
  • Cooling Out Breath: Breathe out long and slow to feel calm and quiet.

Have a great summer break!