Giving Tuesday: Tools For Peace


We love #GivingTuesday here at Stop, Breathe & Think because the spirit of giving is baked into the very heart of our company. Having experienced the benefits of mindfulness herself, our co-founder Jamie wanted to pay it forward. In 2000 she launched a non-profit called Tools for Peace, where she developed a mindfulness program to help others overcome their mental and emotional difficulties, and facilitated workshops and retreats for inner city kids, teens and young adults.

It was during that time that Jamie created Stop, Breathe & Think.Through our apps and programs, we are committed to helping each new generation develop the emotional strength to navigate life’s ups and downs. Earlier this year we launched the Stop, Breathe & Think Educators Portal, offering free lifetime premium memberships and classroom resources to teachers, making it easier for them to share mindfulness with their students.

Bijan Kazerooni practicing mindfulness with students in his Orange County CA classroom.


“Yesterday, I was involved with a student who needed to de-escalate. When I got to him, he was on the floor of our assistant principal’s office, hands clenched, snatching up his arm and crying. Long story short, he was able to transition to some belly breathing with me given I’ve been in all the health classes twice this year and have introduced SB&T. His before and after check-in was amazing. At first, he noted being overwhelmed, self-critical, and stressed. Mentally he noted feeling rough. After a 6 minute practice with SB&T, he noted feeling relieved, balanced, calm, relaxed and open-minded. Mentally:  GOOD!”

—School Counselor, Westfield, IN

In the spirit of paying it forward, each premium membership opens the door for more and more people to create peace of mind and wellbeing for themselves. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we continue to share 10% of our net revenue with Tools For Peace, who provide high quality in person mindfulness facilitation through in-school classes, after school clubs, and summer teen camps.

This #GivingTuesday, and every day, each purchase you make through Stop, Breathe & Think supports our mission to help everyone develop the emotional strength and confidence to handle whatever comes their way, with the vision to make the world more kind, compassionate and peaceful.

Tools for Peace After School Club practicing mindfulness