Feeling burned out? This will help.


It seems that we are always plugged in or perpetually stuck in a “to-do list” state of mind. With so much to do, making time to look after yourself is often the first thing to go. But taking care of yourself is critical to being able to address the needs of others. As the saying goes, you can’t pour out of an empty cup. 🍵

To help you find rest, regenerate and strengthen your resilience, we’ve compiled our favorite stress-busting 💪 practices below. You can find them all in the Stop, Breathe & Think app.

Breathe 🌬️
Never underestimate the positive, physiological effects of breathing. This simple act can help create a little space when you need it, especially in the middle of whatever is stirring up your stress. Breathing can help you to energize, be present and centered, and find calm in the middle of a storm.

  • Mindful Breathing: Observe your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations with openness and curiosity.
  • 2:4 Breathing: Breathe in a little and out a lot by extending the length of your exhale.
  • Deep Breathing: Breathe deep into your belly.
  • Energizing Breath: Energize yourself when you feel fatigued or sleepy.

Relax Ground & Clear ⛰️
Press the restart button by visualizing everything around you as peaceful calmness.

Progressive Relaxation 🙂
Release tension in the body by squeezing your muscles and letting go.

Self Compassion 💖
Find ease and relief in the ups and downs of your day by giving yourself a little compassion and understanding.

Here’s to filing your cup so that it becomes positively overflowing!