Four Ways to Ease Coronavirus Anxiety


If you are feeling anxious about the coronavirus, we get it. We’re feeling it, too. 

That’s why we’ve come together as a company to think deeply about how we can support one another and the many people who are part of our community. 

With young ones, parents, teachers and colleagues, grandparents, friends and many more seeking calm during a time of rising stress and worry, we’re here with you.

Here’s how we’d like to help…

There’s a new category within our app, called Calm Coronavirus Anxiety, to help you feel more safe, centered and connected. We’ve carefully curated a selection of our premium tracks—now free for the next 60 days—to support you during this time.

ease your coronavirus anxiety

Find your inner safe space.

Everyone wants to have a sense that we can relax and feel safe. But sometimes life, with all its stressors, can make us feel like we might not always have that. The good thing is, we can use our imagination to get a break from those stressors. 

Keep your attention focused on the “small.’”

It’s easy to feel powerless about what’s happening around us, which can then spin into worry about the things we can’t control. Through one subtle shift in perspective, we can begin to focus on the micro-moments in our day of the things we do indeed have control over.

Become more present and grounded.

When the stress starts to mount, take a little time to get grounded. These tracks help bring our awareness back to what’s actually happening right now rather than get lost in the worry of what might happen.

Practice feeling compassion.

As part of the preparedness efforts, many experts are recommending that we stay closer to home and avoid social activities. Yet, feeling connected to others is an effective way to alleviate feelings of anxiety and worry. How can we cultivate feelings of connection now? 

  • Listen to Kindness to send positive vibes to others, especially those who may be deeply impacted by the shift in our daily lifestyles.
  • Try Sending & Receiving for those you love and can’t be near right now.

We’re all doing the best we can through life’s ups and downs, including the coronavirus. Sending good vibes your way.