College professors: Looking for ways to support your students?


Mindfulness can help alleviate anxiety and combat the stressful transition into freshman year.

We know how important it is for educators to help their students thrive. That’s why we designed our apps to help users develop the most positive benefits of mindfulness in the shortest amount of time.

Our Stop, Breathe & Think app (iOS & Android) offers quick guided meditations that can fit into all aspects of a student’s day.

Science has shown that in using our app:


Stop, Breathe & Think is the first emotional wellness platform for the “under 25” generation with the mission to help students and adults build the emotional strength to tackle life’s ups and downs.

Users check in with their emotions, and the app recommends short guided meditations, yoga and acupressure videos, and more — all tuned to how they feel. Here’s more:

  • 30+ free activitie
  • 70+ premium activities
  • Customizable meditation timer with choices of chimes & soundscape
  • Customizable breathing timer to focus & find calm
  • Meditate to start and end a student’s day
  • Track emotions pre- and post-meditation
  • The ability to share tracks with your friends

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