Try our Alexa skills on your Amazon Echo or Dot. Our guided meditations and meditation timer help you kick back, fall asleep, or start the day right!


My favorite skill!
Very helpful with sleep, relaxation, and meditation!


I’ve honestly never tried meditating before until this skill… And I’ve gotta say I’m very impressed. It’s amazing. I genuinely feel relaxed and peaceful. I want to start doing this everyday after work. I love how it walks you through with a very calm voice. Thank you so much for this.


Love it!
I love this new skill by Stop, Breathe & Think on my Echo. It was so nice to come up after work and simply ask the app to start playing a meditation. Really easy to switch to another meditation if the current one playing is not on the topic you want.

The soundscapes are soothing for meditation or just for playing in the background when you want to relax.


Best Meditation app on the Alexa Platform so far!
Stop, Breathe & Think was already one of the best meditation apps out there but the Alexa version is really killer, especially for a meditation just before going to bed or just after waking up where you don’t really want to have to be playing with your phone or iPad. Now a simple one line voice command brings up one of their terrific meditations (changes every day, and if you don’t like the one you have, you can switch to another all with voice commands). This is clearly the best meditation app on the Alexa platform so far!