Find Peace of Mind at Work: New Integration with Google Hangouts Chat


Finding time to meditate at work can be a challenge. Taking less than 5 minutes out of your day can help you find focus, drive productivity and boost your overall mood. Plus, according to our latest research, meditation can reduce your anxiety by 46%!

Thinking about meditating at work may seem impossible but the truth is that meditation at work can be highly beneficial. To find the power of meditation at work, you need nothing but your brain and your breath – you don’t have to change your clothes, break a sweat or draw attention to yourself. You can can practice simple meditations and mindfulness exercises.

6 Ways to Find Peace of Mind at Work

1. Meditate Using a Work Productivity Tool

Stop, Breathe & Think is integrated with Hangouts Chat. You can schedule an individual or group meditation session and add right into your Google Calendar to  be reminded when it is time for a mindful break. Our integration with business software allows you to personalize your experience at work so you can find a moment to breathe during the workday.  You will be able to track your progress and earn stickers for practicing mindfulness. You can choose from 15 meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises that can help you become more focused, reduce stress & anxiety and help you generally find more happiness throughout your workday.

2. Focus on Your Breath
The beauty of breathing mindfully is that you can practice it anywhere – even at work. Learning to breathe intentionally and harness the power of your breath can support a long-term approach to finding a long, strong, happy and healthy life.

Before or after a stressful meeting at work, try a deep breathing exercise.

Place one hand just below your belly button, and the other on your chest. Inhale slowly through your nose as you gently push your belly out. Pause, and slowly exhale through your mouth as you gently pull your belly in. Continue breathing this way for a few minutes, maintaining a relaxed and slow pace that feels natural to you.

3. Start & End Your Workday with a One Minute to Mindfulness Meditation
Establishing a routine of mindfulness can be a challenge. Start and end your day with just a minute of mindfulness – it’s a great way to get your mind prepared for the work day as well as the perfect way to unwind after work before you head home. Try our One Minute to Mindfulness in our App

4. Take a Mindful Walk
Take 5 – 10 minutes out of your day to take a mindful walk. Stop, Breathe & Think’s mobile app has a mindful walk activity that will lead you through your mindful walk. This can be a great way to refresh during the day. Try our Mindful Walk Meditation

5. Try Acupressure
Acupressure is something you can do very discreetly at your desk. You can press your way to peace of mind :). You can manage your stress with a two acupressure points that you can apply in an SOS situation at your desk. Try our Acupressure for Stress in our App

6. Record Mindful Moments
Making note of the times you took a moment to be mindful with a co-worker can be enlightening. Practice taking note of the times you took a moment to think before you spoke or took action during your work day. Recognizing your positive behavior can be a great step toward practicing mindfulness consistently throughout your work day.