Carrie Hope Fletcher: Taking a Moment For Myself is Vital


Meet Carrie Hope Fletcher, Actress/Singer/Songwriter, author of Sunday Times Bestsellers ‘All I Know Now’ and ‘On The Other Side’ and ‘All That She Can See’. This past week, she posted on Instagram that her perspective on meditation completely changed after using the Stop, Breathe & Think app.

Instead of finding meditation complicated, she realized it could be a simple way to “unravel” the mind and give ourselves a little space. We’re so grateful to hear that; you rock, Carrie! Thanks for sharing.

What made you want to try meditation & mindfulness?
I have a very scatty, messy mind that I often find hard to organise. Thoughts get too loud. Memories start to reply over and over again. Sleep suddenly eludes me! I reached out to meditation and mindfulness when I was on tour with The Addams Family and found it really helped to help me organise my brain a little better!

What about Stop, Breathe & Think’s app do you like the most?
I love that all the meditations vary in length and you can listen to them on the go which really helps when you have a hectic lifestyle. The voices are soothing to listen to and nothing’s too daunting or too complicated!

What nourishes you as a performer and what keeps you inspired during stressful times?
Taking a moment for myself is vital. Sometimes it’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the amount you have to do and the relentlessly ever-changing schedules. The urge to just keep ploughing on without taking a break is very tempting. Even just ten, fifteen minutes to have a cup of tea and take a few deep breaths makes all the difference!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?
You don’t need to set yourself on fire to keep others warm. I say yes to everyone and everything without thinking about how it’ll effect me in the long run. Whether it’s a fear of disappointing people or an addiction to pleasing people, I’ll never know but sometimes, saying no to have a little bit of extra time for yourself is worth it and we need to stop thinking of it as selfish but necessary!

What’s the first thing you do when you start your day and what is the last thing you do?
I always wake up, make myself a coffee and snuggle up back in bed for half an hour or so and do what I want to do before work begins! Whether that’s checking social media, reading for a while or watching an episode of something. Before I go to bed, I always make a point of taking all of my make up off, smothering myself in Lush’s Sleepy moisturiser and listening to the two minute Falling Asleep mediation!

Of the 7 Days & 7 Ways to Make Space, which one of the 7 ways is your favorite? Why?
Kindness! The powers of kindness are so underrated. Just a smile from a stranger, an unexpected compliment from a friend or just making yourself a mug of hot chocolate can be the hug your soul needs!

If you had one sentence, quote or piece insight to share with our audience, what would it be?
Meditation can sound daunting or you may not want to try it because you’ll feel a bit silly but trust me, from someone who once thought the same, it has made such a huge difference. If you have a brain that’s full to the brim and fit to burst, Stop, Breathe and Think can help you get those thoughts a little more organised and manageable!

What’s your next project / what should we look out for from you in the near future?
I’ve got a book and an album out this year that I’m so excited to share! I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them!