3 Breathing Practices to Curb Anxiety


It’s anxiety month, and we’ve got your back!

It seems we’re all more stressed and anxious than ever before, and we wanted to share what works to help you feel more grounded and calm. All this month, we’ll post tips to help curb your stress and worry.

This week, we’re focused on the most universal anti-anxiety superpower of all: the breath 🌬️.

Breathe intentionally for a few minutes each day.

Because the breath is automatic, the natural thing to do is not pay much attention to it. But when you do, it can slow the momentum of stress and worry so you can feel the sweet sigh of relief. Ahhhh.
Mindful Breathing—Follow the Breath

Your breath is a great barometer of how you’re feeling.

Take moments throughout the day to notice your breathing and recognize if you’re feeling stressed, and then intentionally shift into taking calm, deep breaths.
Deep Breathing

When it’s really tough to focus, count your breaths.

The mind has a tendency to do its own thing, and it can be frustrating when you are trying to focus. But researchers have found that counting breaths can lead to less mind wandering and actually boost your mood.

✔️ Helpful hint: When you try this exercise, if you make it to a count of 2 before getting lost in thought, don’t sweat it. Each breath is a chance to start over. Just keep counting; keep watching the breath.
Counting Breaths