3 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Resilience


Instead of pushing away challenging thoughts and emotions, you can work with them to slow the momentum of stress and worry. Here are three powerful ways to strengthen your resilience in the face of anxiety.

You have thoughts and emotions, but you are not your thoughts and emotions. This exercise will help you to identify less with thoughts and emotions as they arise, creating a little more space to not get caught up in their momentum.
—> Listen to Noting

Drop the Storyline
It’s been shown that the lifespan of any particular emotion is about 90 seconds, and that it’s actually our story about it that keeps it going. Noticing the story you tell yourself about an experience, and allowing yourself to drop it for a few moments, can transform the way you feel.
—>Listen to Drop the Storyline

Stop, Breathe, Think
When I am overwhelmed, my reaction to feeling anxious can sometimes make things worse. I tend to either isolate myself or lose my temper. How do you react to feeling anxious? Asking yourself these questions can help you shift out of counterproductive ways of coping. When you notice feelings of stress or worry, take a moment to:

STOP 🛑: Pause what you are doing, and check in with what you are thinking and how you are feeling.
BREATHE 🌬️: Take a few breaths to create space between your thoughts, emotions and reactions.
THINK 💭: See if you can shift from “I am stressed or worried” to “I notice that I am feeling stressed or worried,” and decide how you want to respond to a situation and the feeling.

Think about the situation from multiple perspectives when choosing how to respond. Pay attention to how your response affects yourself and others, and be open to changing your response as needed.
—>Listen to Stop, Breathe & Think

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