2 Ways to Inspire Kindness


At Stop, Breathe & Think, we believe taking care of our mental health is a priority. We’re always looking for ways to inspire an open conversation about what we’re all going through. As we near the end of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’d like to give a shout out of appreciation to everyone who has taken steps to raise awareness, been there for someone in need or reached out for support.

Please join us in a gratitude meditation to recognize and appreciate the people and resources around you, the small (or big) gestures of kindness and support you’ve given or received and the effort you’ve made to care for your mental health.

Listen to Gratitude ➡️

We’re always grateful for your support and wanted to make you aware of an opportunity to further our mission. Help tackle the rising anxiety epidemic in teens by donating to our non-profit partner Tools for Peace.

Give to our non-profit partner Tools for Peace

Tools for Peace is raising $30,000 to fund their Annual Summer Teen Camp, a supportive, transformative environment where inner-city teens learn the skills of mindfulness and compassion. At camp, they can experience a crucial break from the academic, social and financial pressures they face.

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Thank you once again for being part of our mindful community and helping to Inspire kindness and compassion.