Mindfulness in 1 Minute


I was recently scrolling through social media looking at mindfulness hashtags like #mindful and #mindfullife. It was surprising to see so many posts portraying a mindful life as a perfect life: beautiful scenery, minimally designed bedrooms, a gorgeous cup of tea . As if once you practice being mindful, everything will suddenly become calm, clean, organized, and beautiful. But that just isn’t realistic. Life is messy.

Mindfulness is about being where you are, and working with what you have, with patience and kindness. In that spirit, we encourage you to embrace peace, not perfection. That means finding creative ways throughout your day to work a little mindfulness into the mess: on your commute, walking to errands, in the shower . It doesn’t have to be a big deal or feel like something special.

To make finding mindful moments easy, we’ve created 1- and 3-minute tracks that can be done anywhere, any time:

➡️ Listen to a One Minute Track
➡️ Listen to a Three Minute Track

We hope this helps you take a few moments of self-care each day.